The Hope Center currently offers 2 food programs to help get quality food on the tables of individuals who may find themselves in a season where they need a bit of assistance. Non-Perishable Food Distribution – During our regular business hours (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4:10PM – 6:00PM) the Hope Center food pantry will be open to provide canned and dry goods, along with some frozen meat and snacks. Each houshold will be allowed to receive only a couple of days worth of food to hold them over until they are able to get to the grocery store. We do advise families that the Hope Center or any other local food pantry should not be considered the household’s primary source of food; it is a stop-gap method of feeding their family for a few days. Perishable Food – Every Saturday we run Fresh Connections, our perishable food program. Families are required to register each time they wish to participate in this program (eligible every third week) . More information can be found on the Fresh Connections registration page.